Making Your Services “Addicting”

Last week, a client said something that caught me off guard. Our relationship began when he wanted a single animation video for his household staffing company. So, we created a great video for his company that he was thrilled with. This client was so pleased with the work that he decided to have a similar animation made for his sister company. We went to work and created another video for him with the same fantastic results. Then, just a few short weeks later, I received an email that said, “Joel…it seems that your services are addicting.” It turns out, both of the client’s companies wanted to create monthly videos to feature on their blog and social media outlets.

It wasn’t just that my service was EXCELLENT – it’s that it had been so easy, and so useful to my client that he categorized it as ADDICTING! That’s something far beyond convenient; it’s something he felt like he couldn’t live without. So, this got me thinking. What makes the way we serve people addicting?

I believe there are three elements that must be present in the way we serve people if we want to create a service that people are overwhelmingly drawn to.

Unbelievable Value
It all starts with the value proposition. This is the marriage of quality and cost. It’s not just about pricing your services appropriately (though that is important) – it’s about making sure that the value you offer to your customers is so high that they feel compelled to work with you above anyone else. You want clients who choose to work with you because of what you can offer them, not because you were the simply the cheapest. Look for ways to increase your value to customers by doing things that others in your industry aren’t doing. Find out what speaks to your customers, what their deepest need is, and serve that need. That’s how you create undeniable value!

Stellar Communication
If you customer is left wondering about anything throughout the working process, then you have already opened the door for worry or doubt to creep in. Be proactive. Make sure every question they ask is answered swiftly and confidently. You should even work to answer questions they’re not asking, so they don’t have to ask them. You can’t just rely on one method of communication, either. Feel out whether your client wants to hear from you on the phone, or prefers email. Your communication needs to create trust between you and the client. They need to know that you are on top of everything, and that they don’t need to worry about a thing when you’re on the job.

Surprise and Delight
This happens when you exceed any and all expectations that your client ever had about what you could offer them. This means that when pitching your services, you should never OVER-promise. Always UNDER-promise, and OVER-deliver. This creates the surprise and delight that you’re after. You don’t just want happy customers, you want EXCITED customers, and when you create this feeling it’s almost as if you’re giving them something for free – something they didn’t expect to receive. And they will tell others!

No matter what kind of service you offer, your goal should be to make those services addicting. If you can do that, then you will never have to worry about having enough business to sustain your income…only about how you’re going to keep up with the great demand for your services!

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